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3 Fun Party Ideas for 3 Different Age Groups

Throwing a birthday party for your children in many ways has turned into an anxiety-inducing undertaking. With so much to consider, such as cleaning, costs, and entertainment needs, it's no wonder that so many parents are opting to throw themed parties in unique environments instead of at home. Here are three fun party ideas and who they work best for!
Fun in the Sun If you love the outdoors and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, consider holding the party outside. Outdoor parties can take place at a park, lake, farm or just about any venue. You can incorporate activities like bubble blowing, swimming, building sandcastles, blow-up games, and more. These parties work great for all ages, but especially for toddlers. Outdoor playtime is a great way for children to get exercise, develop creativity and improve gross motor skills. Plus, cleanup is easy when you can dispose of garbage in the dumpsters in the parking lot or simply sweep leftover crumbs onto the grass.

How to Find the Perfect Sport for Your Child

The benefits kids learn from playing sports go far beyond learning how to be a winner. Participation in sports teaches teamwork, healthy living, ways to improve weaknesses, and, yes, how to have fun in life. To maximize these benefits, a kid's time spent on sports should be an almost entirely positive experience. Parents must guide young ones through a life of sports the correct way.
Identify and Encourage Interest  Parents have their favorite sports. Someone who grew up playing baseball usually feels an inclination to guide a child to step onto the diamond. There's nothing wrong with trying to encourage a child to play a sport. Problems arise, however, when a parent tries to force a choice on a youngster. Nothing will poison a young person's mind worse than forcing them to take part in a sport they don't like.

Parents must remain open-minded about what the young one wants. Look closely to see what activities interest him/her. Then, provide the necessary encouragement…

3 Things to Make Sure Your Children Understand Before Going Back to School

As summer comes to an end, many parents and their children are getting ready for the start of a new school year. During this time, it's wise to teach your children some important safety tips. Here are three critical things to make sure your children know before a new school year begins. Family Emergency Plans While no parent wants to think about it, emergency situations happen. Therefore, it's wise to ensure that everyone in your family learns about and follows the same emergency plan. explains that research shows that 69% of American families have no type of emergency plan in place.

You'll want to study emergency contact information with your children. This includes going over emergency contact names and phone numbers. Your children should also know who can and can't pick them up from school. You should also relay this information to your child's school. Repeating this information to your children will help them to remember it. Pedestrian Safety M…

3 Things to Be Aware of if Your Child Plays Football

Having your child involved in playing a sport like football is a great way for them to develop their self-esteem, make friends, learn about physical exercise and so much more. Before you sign your child up for any kind of activity, you want to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself and your child into. Some sports are very demanding when it comes to time commitment. Other sports can be very expensive. Let’s look at three things that you should be aware of if your child is going to be playing football.
Don't Start with Tackle Football If your child is new to the sport of football, see if you can sign them up for a flag football or touch football league before they progress to tackle football. This will educate them on how the sport is played. As Boston Children’s Hospital suggests, understanding the rules will help keep your child safe when they are on the football field. You can switch over to tackle football when you feel that your child is ready and has better coo…
Advantages of Playing in a Moonbounce
Beyond all the fun the kids will have in a moonbounce, there is a long list of benefits they can receive from that playtime! Moonbounces are a safe place to play and they require little to no supervision from a parent since the children are contained in padded place. Below are some more of the advantages of renting a bounce house, bounce castle, or obstacle course.
Bouncing in a moonbounce is a great way for kids to burn energy, especially if they are at a party and full of sugar! It doesn't take long to burn calories while jumping and it is a great form of cardio. Jumping can increase a child’s heart rate and overall cardiovascular strength. Bouncing around is a fun form of exercise to keep children in good shape and excellent health.
Beyond the health benefits, jumping in a bounce house can improve a kid’s balance and flexibility. Standing on an inflatable floor is not easy and is even more difficult when other people are also standing, walking…