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Growing a Garden? Tips for Sustainable Gardening You Need to Use

Planting a garden can have countless physical and mental benefits. Planting a sustainable garden lets you interact and give back to the earth in ways that you cannot do otherwise. Creating a sustainable garden can be accomplished by avoiding chemicals, composting, and saving your seeds. Avoid Chemicals   A sustainable garden is a garden void of chemicals. Over the long run, chemicals will harm your soil, your pets, and your family through ingestion. You do need ways to control pests and weeds but reaching for a bottle of chemical herbicide or pesticide isn’t the best way to go. Instead, you can encourage pollinators , like bees, to achieve a higher crop yield. Introducing beneficial insects, like ladybugs, that eat up the plant consumers will be the perfect way to control pests without using harmful chemicals. Creating a balanced ecosystem, with plants native to the region, will help control the pests and prevent weeds from taking over. A final perk to avoiding chemicals is how harmles

How to Protect Your Backyard Privacy

Having a private backyard is certainly one of the finer things in life. As the summer starts getting into full swing, you’re probably hoping to have outdoor gatherings that you can enjoy with just your guests and not random neighbor-onlookers. There are a variety of ways to make your yard more private—it all depends on how quickly you want full privacy in your yard. Plant More Trees One of the best ways to add more privacy to your yard is to plant trees. While it’s true that trees take a while to grow, some trees grow faster than others. You could even try planting hedges .   A shrub called North Privet is one of the fastest-growing hedges in North America and can grow up to three feet in a year. That means that in a couple of years you could have a tall hedge that would provide you complete privacy in your yard.   Install a Fence Installing a fence is one of the best and most immediate ways to get privacy in your yard. There are a variety of kinds of fences that you could go with. You