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How to Create Photo Opportunities During Your Child's Party

It's your child's big day! With each milestone, your little boy or girl deserves a party with lasting memories. The best way to preserve the day is to create photo opportunities for parents and their children who attend your party. Here are a few steps for preserving precious moments you'll love to look back on.

Face Painting Whether you hire a professional face painter or enlist the help of a friend, a face painting booth at your party is a creative touch. Grab a kit of colors and let the little ones choose how they want their makeup done. Teens and adults alike can enjoy the art of face painting with simple and extravagant designs your child will enjoy to be photographed with.

Find a Mascot Volunteer to dress up as a popular character from cartoons and comics to make an appearance at your party! Kids will love getting their photo taken with their favorite mascot and you can plan a meet and greet portion of your party schedule for a fun activity. If you don’t want to be …

What to Teach Your Children About the Expenses of Driving

As a parent, you're in a great position to teach your children about the costs that go along with car ownership. Your conversations with them can give them a realistic view of what to expect when they own a vehicle. Here are some things you should talk with your child about before they start learning to drive.

Maintenance There are obvious costs of driving a car, such as buying gas. But, be sure to also talk to your children about the hidden costs of maintaining a car, like car repairs, tire replacements, brake jobs and oil changes. Some repairs are anticipated, but some are caused by unexpected events. There are several different types of car accidents that can bring unexpected costs, so it’s important to teach your children to be prepared in the event this happens. An incident may be the fault of only one driver or two or more. Sometimes, a crash event involves damage to cars only, while other accidents also create medical expenses. Different types of car accidents will be trea…

When Is My Child Ready For Sleepovers?

Sleepovers are a rite of passage for most children. Although this is an exciting time, it can also be anxiety-inducing for both children and their parents. Before you let your child go away on their first sleepover, it is important that they are ready for the new experience. Here are three things to consider when evaluating whether your child is ready for a sleepover.
Delightful at Daycare One of the best indicators to look toward when deciding if your child is ready to be away from you at night is their behavior at daycare. How your child behaves when you are not around during the day is a good indicator of how will they act when at a sleepover situation. If your child isable to self-regulate emotions and behave appropriately in new situations, they are well on their way to being ready for a sleepover. Conversely, if they often get in trouble while at daycare, you will probably want to hold off on sleepovers until they can control their behavior better.
Potty Trained One of the best p…

Should I Rent a Boat at an Event With Children?

If you’re looking to make an event an unforgettable one with your children, you might be considering renting a boat. Nothing says family fun more than spending time with your children on the water. However, maybe purchasing a boat outright isn’t within your budget. Boats can be very expensive, so buying one isn’t always an option for some people. Luckily, there is an alternative. You can always consider renting one.

Budgeting If you're planning to rent a boat for an event, you need to budget accordingly. From renting the boat to catering the event, there are a lot of expenses to consider. Make sure to create a budget that suits your financial picture. As you budget, be sure to ask yourself what is wanted and needed. Cut out any unnecessary expenses, and read through the budget twice to make sure you don't miss anything. As for the boat, renting is far cheaper than buying. Keep in mind that the price of the rental depends on your area, the type of boat you’re looking to rent a…

How Getting a Dog Can Help Teach Your Children Responsibility

If you are a dog-lover, you know that life is always better with a canine friend. For children, the idea of adopting a dog is exciting. They imagine having a playmate who is always up for a game of fetch. Introducing a dog into your family is an important decision. While a puppy can teach fundamental life lessons, you should make sure that your kids are up to the task.

Are Your Kids Ready? Every year, shelters have to deal with dogs who are dropped off because taking care of the animal was too much responsibility. Young children may love the idea of a dog, but they may be surprised at how much work goes into pet ownership. Before you go out and get one, you need to prepare your home for a puppy, as well as your kids. Talk to them about what sort of jobs they are expected to perform and the importance of doing them. You can show them some videos about caring for a dog before the new pet arrives.

Food Like any animal, dogs have to eat. If a dog misses its feeding, it will look for food…

How to Protect Your Child From Potential Online Dangers

Learning to use technology to get online is a part of life for kids these days. That's why it's especially important to teach your child about the dangers lurking there. With the proper knowledge and training, they can avoid some of the common pitfalls of internet use.

Set a Time Limit A major concern is that children might become addicted to screens. Screens can affect your child's sleep and keep them from taking part in other activities. That's why it's important to set a time limit and enforce it. Your child should know how long they are allowed online each day so they will develop habits of self-control.

Even adults often have trouble putting down their phones and simply being present. Setting time limits is a good way to exercise control for children and adults. In addition, it offers a good example to children when they see their parents sticking to time limits they've set for their own online activity.

Cyberbullies Bullying isn't just a threat in th…

How Should I Organize Car Parking for My Child's Party?

Children's birthday parties should be a blast for a child and their parents alike. When you're planning a big bash, it's important to work out the logistical details, such as parking and accommodation, for all invited. Whether you're throwing your birthday party at home or elsewhere, it's vital to let your guests know where to park and other rules to ensure that they can arrive and leave without any problems when it's time for them to go.
Room to Breathe Anyone who has been to a party knows how annoying it is when you go to drive your car home but another person is blocking it in with their vehicle. Your guests should be told beforehand not to block a neighbors' driveway. If they can, tell them to pull up in your grass away from other cars to get out easier. You should also look to the area for public parking if your guests need special accommodations that won't cause congestion in your driveway.
Out of the Way Plan parking carefully because blocking t…