3 Things to Be Aware of if Your Child Plays Football

Having your child involved in playing a sport like football is a great way for them to develop their self-esteem, make friends, learn about physical exercise and so much more. Before you sign your child up for any kind of activity, you want to make sure that you know what you’re getting yourself and your child into. Some sports are very demanding when it comes to time commitment. Other sports can be very expensive. Let’s look at three things that you should be aware of if your child is going to be playing football.

Don't Start with Tackle Football

If your child is new to the sport of football, see if you can sign them up for a flag football or touch football league before they progress to tackle football. This will educate them on how the sport is played. As Boston Children’s Hospital suggests, understanding the rules will help keep your child safe when they are on the football field. You can switch over to tackle football when you feel that your child is ready and has better coordination.

Take Head Injuries Seriously

According to GBW Law, about 135,000 athletes between 5-18 years old go to the ER for treatment for a sports-related concussion. If your child sustains any kind of head injury while playing in a game or practicing, you’ll want to make sure they get appropriate medical attention. It doesn’t hurt to simply have your child examined to make sure they are ok. If you leave a concussion or other head injury untreated, this can lead to serious health problems later on in life.

The Money You Will Spend

Football requires your child to have certain equipment in order to play, such as that listed by Safety First Sports. You will probably have to pay for registration into a league as well. Make sure that you have budgeted for these kinds of activities. You don’t want to sign your child up only to pull them out in a year or two when they are really starting to love the game.

There are so many great things your child will experience if they play football. It’s just a good idea to make sure you understand what you’re getting your entire family involved in when your child signs up. Help your child to understand that this is a big commitment that they have to dedicate time to in order to succeed.

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