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Kid Friendly New Years Eve Ideas

New Year’s Eve? OMG! What am I going to do with the kids? The New Year is not just a time for adults to celebrate! There are plenty of family-friendly activities that kids can participate in. Make it a memorable final weekend before the little ones go back to school. Mock Countdown If the kids at your celebration are too young to stay up until midnight, you can have a more appropriately timed mock countdown. Simply change the clocks so that they will strike 12 when it is only 8 or 9 p.m. Hand out noisemakers, party hats, and confetti to toss when the countdown ends. This is a wonderful way for kids to be a part of the festivity but still get to bed on time. The Midnight Toast Kids want to be a part of the New Year’s Eve toast, too. Why not let them indulge with a fancy champagne flute or wine glass – made of plastic and filled with non-alcoholic drinks, of course. You can pour ginger ale, a kid-friendly punch or even milk into their fancy beverage cups, but my fav

Snow Ruined Birthday Party

I received this email from a frantic customer on Friday. OMG - This snow totally ruined my plans for my daughters 2nd birthday party tomorrow. We bought her an outdoor little tykes playset and a bounce house and we were going to have all the kids over to play. Now my yard looks like a swamp and I doubt that it is going to be dry enough by 4pm tomorrow. Any ideas to entertain 6 children 2 and under for an hour inside? I am freaking out because just 2 can destroy everything in like 2 minutes and I have no idea what to do to keep them entertained. Any suggestions would be awesome! Don’t fret, embrace the snow! Turning this disaster back into an event is not hard. We have an indoor venue we can move your party to and the moon bounce rental price can be applied to the new venue. The tricky part is letting all the parents know where the new location for the party is, hopefully you planned and have phone numbers for all the parent. If not, just have everyone show up at your ho