Advantages of Playing in a Moonbounce

Beyond all the fun the kids will have in a moonbounce, there is a long list of benefits they can receive from that playtime! Moonbounces are a safe place to play and they require little to no supervision from a parent since the children are contained in padded place. Below are some more of the advantages of renting a bounce house, bounce castle, or obstacle course.

Bouncing in a moonbounce is a great way for kids to burn energy, especially if they are at a party and full of sugar! It doesn't take long to burn calories while jumping and it is a great form of cardio. Jumping can increase a child’s heart rate and overall cardiovascular strength. Bouncing around is a fun form of exercise to keep children in good shape and excellent health.

Beyond the health benefits, jumping in a bounce house can improve a kid’s balance and flexibility. Standing on an inflatable floor is not easy and is even more difficult when other people are also standing, walking, or jumping on it. Children will use muscles they might not usually use just to stand still! Playing in a bounce house can strengthen a kid’s core, back, and leg muscles. This will help them as they grow and develop.

After jumping and playing in a moonbounce, a child should have no problem sleeping. They spent a lot of physical and mental energy while bouncing so they should fall right asleep at night and stay sound asleep until morning. A good night’s sleep is essential for young people who are still growing. Getting plenty of exercise during the day should make sure they have no problem sleeping at night.

There are emotional and social advantages to playing in a bounce house or bounce castle as well. Shy kids have a much easier time opening up once they get into a moonbounce. They get to interact with other kids and accomplish the same goal of having fun. A child may crawl into the house feeling a bit apprehensive and come out of it with a new friend. Bouncing can increase confidence as well, especially if they conquer a cool, new trick! Playing in a moonbounce can teach children to be aware of and care for each other. Every movement a jumper makes affects those around them. They have to learn to work together and take turns so they all can have a good time.

Additionally, bouncing strengthens children’s creativity. Whether they are in the balloon house or an obstacle course, they get to use their imagination and work on problem-solving.

Although we wouldn’t suggest using your moonbounce rental as a baby sitter, it is a safe and contained location for your kids to play. Bounce houses offer a slew of benefits for the children who jump inside. It can help them improve their physical health, mental and emotional health, social skills and more! Explore some of our available moonbounce rentals.

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