3 Things to Make Sure Your Children Understand Before Going Back to School

As summer comes to an end, many parents and their children are getting ready for the start of a new school year. During this time, it's wise to teach your children some important safety tips. Here are three critical things to make sure your children know before a new school year begins.

Family Emergency Plans

While no parent wants to think about it, emergency situations happen. Therefore, it's wise to ensure that everyone in your family learns about and follows the same emergency plan.  BePrepared.com explains that research shows that 69% of American families have no type of emergency plan in place.

You'll want to study emergency contact information with your children. This includes going over emergency contact names and phone numbers. Your children should also know who can and can't pick them up from school. You should also relay this information to your child's school. Repeating this information to your children will help them to remember it.

Pedestrian Safety

Many children walk to and from school. If your children don't learn about pedestrian safety, unfortunate situations can occur. Abels & Annes, PC reports that in one state, as many as 374 children were injured in traffic accidents while walking in 2013. Considering that, it's imperative that your children know to stay on designated walking paths. You can help your children with this by practicing walking the routes with them a few times.

Make sure that your children know never to take shortcuts or engage in jaywalking. Going off familiar, safe paths could lead to your children getting lost or injured,  which is a parent's worst nightmare. Teaching pedestrian safety also helps ensure that your children learn about traffic signals. Also, make sure your children know that they should never accept a ride from a stranger.

Staying Safe on the Playground

After many children get to school, they get excited as recess approaches. During this time, children will be out of their classrooms and playing outside. Fortunately, most schools ensure that faculty members watch over children during recess.

However, it's still important that your children understand the importance of safe play. The National Program for Playground Safety states that many parents take their children to local playgrounds, where they can observe their behavior and offer guidance. This helps children understand how to use playground equipment in a safe manner.

In conclusion, it's imperative to ensure that your children remain safe at all times. With that in mind, following a few tips will help your children stay safe as a new school year approaches.

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