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8 Arts and Crafts Your Kids Can Make for Your Yard

Arts and crafts are fantastic ways to stimulate your children’s minds and provide opportunities for them to use their creative energy. Here are eight ideas for arts and crafts your kids can make for your yard. These ideas will help them spend more time outside, use their imaginations, and contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Scroll down and keep reading to learn how to make these eight great arts and craft projects! Stepping Stone Handprints Making stepping stone handprints is a great way to make memories with your kids and keep track of their growth over the years. In order to make this craft, you will need: cement, a mold, and rocks or other materials for decoration. First, mix the cement with the right amount of water until it’s the consistency of cookie dough (it shouldn’t be too wet). If it looks too thin, you’ll need to make the concrete stronger to ensure that everything will set properly. After it’s mixed, pour the cement into your desired mold, and wait fo