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Superbowl Party Planning Idea

Super Simple Super Bowl Party Ideas   I know a lot of you want to have people over for the Super Bowl. People love to have a Super Bowl fete—fans can grunt while they watch the game and non-fans can chat it up while their mates and friends are well occupied.   So it's your turn to host but who has the time? We can help with this super simple, easy to host Super Bowl party theme.  Let Party411 help you every yard of the way.   1. Send Your Super Bowl 50 Invitation Send a fun and easy Super Bowl Invitations with a little  football confetti  sprinkled inside it for a little extra kick. Personalize Your Party!  Of course, you can choose from a great selection of  Personalized Super Bowl 50 Invitations  from Party411. Whichever you choose, get them out as early as possible to get the best response! Creative wording can really make an invitation stand out. Here are a few examples of  Super Bowl Party Invitation Wording  - Are you Ready for Some Football? Join us for a

Winter Birthday Party Planning Ideas

Happy New Year to everyone, first and foremost. It's 2016 and we are back and ready to bring you more random birthday party tips and pointers. Don't forget that we also offer party rentals in the Philadelphia area! This time we are going to warm up slowly, as some of you know we like to share good information that we find in our travels on the web. This one is no exception and came from A  little generic, but still some good information as some of you moms begin the epic journey of planning your little one's birthday party. Swim and Slumber Party Having kids sleep over at the house is fun, but even better is having a sleepover in a hotel where you don't have to clean up afterward. Reserve a suite or two at a suite-style hotel, where you can find rooms for under $100. Make it a swimming party while you're at it. It may be cold outside, but most suite-style hotels have indoor pools and meeting facilities, perfect for a winter pool party bash. Ne