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Pairing the Best Craft Philly Beers with Your Backyard Burgers

Summertime brings grilling, and grilling means burgers. In this blog, we share some advice from beer experts at Serious Eats for the best beers to pair with burgers . Sure, you could grab whatever you have stocked in the fridge, but why not try out some great local beers? Note that most experts say the toppings are the key to pairing. For instance, put a sweeter beer with sour (pickles, cheeses) condiments, and a hoppier beer with sweet/salty (ketchup, mushrooms) condiments.  Lagers pair well with burgers because they cut through the fat from the meat. The hops in IPAs pair well with spicy condiments, like hot peppers or spicy mustard. The bitterness of an IPA cuts through spicy foods well. Pale ales are a standard burger pairing because they balance out the typical condiments (bacon, lettuce, etc.) Saisons pair well with earthy toppings like grilled onions, roasted red peppers, and savory cheeses. So you have the categories, now keep it local! Here are the 25 best c

How to Upgrade Your Summer BBQ and Set Up Burger Bar

Whether you are throwing a small shindig or a huge summer BBQ, burgers are most likely on your menu. Sure, you could put out plates of tomatoes, lettuce, and onions. Add some bottles of ketchup and mustard, jars of pickles, and a bag of chips and you have your BBQ.  You can upgrade your summer BBQ with a few small changes from the normal way of serving burgers.  Display tempting toppings in a unique way, and build a do-it-yourself burger bar. Here’s how: 1.    Set up a long buffet-style table or counter. Put out the food in order of burger building (rolls, condiments, burgers, toppings, sides). 2.    Include a variety of buns, like brioche, potato, and kaiser. 3.    Upgrade your condiments. Give your ketchup, mustard, and mayo a kick! Add some chives and bacon to mayo. Combine siracha and mayo. Include unique condiments like teriyaki, relish, guacamole, or olive tapenade. 4.    Include a variety of burger choices, such as beef, turkey, chicken, and veggie. 5.    Plate several uniq