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3 Ideas for How You Can Celebrate Your Child's Birthday During Quarantine

Because of COVID-19, many birthdays and other celebrations are needing to be canceled. Although most parents don't mind canceling their own plans, they cannot bear to see their children go without some sort of celebration. Thus, the following article includes three ideas for how you can celebrate your child's birthday during the COVID-19 quarantine. Drive-By Party One of the mandatory rules being enforced throughout the country is the limitation of who and how many people can be within your home. This, of course, leads to many parents having to cancel their child's parties. However, there is a way to have all your friends and family come to wish your child a happy birthday without needing to go into your home or even be near you. By organizing a drive-by-party , you can show your child that people still care about them, even during these times. You may ask the people involved to decorate their cars with balloons and other festive decorations to really make the day t