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How to Keep Your Children Safe on a Family Road Trip

Family road trips are perfect for making memories and spending time with your children. It's just important to think about how to keep children safe on road trips while you are planning. Here are a few tips you should try. Emergency Supplies No matter how well you plan a road trip, unexpected things can happen. That's why you need to keep your car stocked with emergency supplies at all times. Extra food and water will help you if have car issues that keep you from getting to a town quickly. Hand warmers are also useful in snowy states where weather hazards can cause emergency situations without much warning. Also, make sure to have jumper cables and a spare tire in case you need to make quick fixes on the highway. Distracted Driving Driving is something you should put your full focus on, and you can't do that if you are distracted. The most common distraction in the car is your cellphone. You likely use it for directions and to play music, but it does not need to

4 Important Chores Your Kids Can Do

Most kids don’t enjoy doing their chores. When assigning chores, it's a good idea to help kids understand the reasons their chores are important. There are chores that can help prevent disasters inside and outside the home. These chores are essential but also possible for kids to complete. Dusting Dusting may not seem like a life-changing activity, but it can be life-saving for family members within the home. Dusting is easy enough for a child to do and it can prevent allergies and other breathing issues. Dust allergies can be life-threatening if your child has asthma, so someone needs to be assigned to dust often. Also, make sure you’re using a cleaner that isn't toxic . Additionally, It's a good idea to use rags that hold in the dust instead of just spreading it around the room. Have children dust frequently, and teach them how to thoroughly dust the entire house and not just a couple of areas. Cleaning the Rain Gutters It's easy to forget rain gutters becaus