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What to Know Before Hosting a Pool Party for Your Child

When it comes to kid’s parties, a pool party is a guaranteed crowd pleaser! Kids love to swim and play in the water. At the same time, a pool party can mean less work for you. In fact, the hardest part might be getting the kids to come out of the water! However, with a pool party, preparation is a must. Here are three things to think about before moving your next party to the pool. Find the Right Location During the process of planning your pool party , make sure you check out the location in advance to ensure that it’s kid-friendly. Not all pools are ideal for a kid’s party; some pools are catered more toward adult lap swimmers than kids. Others are practically an aquatic DisneyLand, but might not be suitable for keeping track of a bunch of slippery little fish! Find a pool with plenty for the kids to do, while allowing you to keep an eye on them. Think about the age of the children and plan accordingly. Older kids who can swim are more trustworthy at a larger facility with large slid

How Every Mom Can Treat Themselves

No one works longer hours or gives more of themselves than a mother. Somewhere between the seemingly endless diaper changes, meals, piles of laundry, and perpetual clean up, moms need a break more than anyone else! Often, moms keep going and going, wearing themselves out and putting everyone’s needs ahead of their own. They wait for a partner or parent to step in and provide a much-needed break. But moms, you don’t have to wait for the self-care that you so desperately need and deserve—if you aren’t sure when the last time you had a break was, it’s time to hire a babysitter and go treat yourself. Go to Lunch with a Friend No matter how much a mom loves listening to the cooing of her infant or the sweet prattle of her toddler, she needs some adult talk now and then. What better way to connect with friends than to meet for lunch? Not only do you get a delicious meal that you didn’t have to prepare, but you also get to decompress and laugh with a friend. Friendship and connection are huge