3 Fun Party Ideas for 3 Different Age Groups

Throwing a birthday party for your children in many ways has turned into an anxiety-inducing undertaking. With so much to consider, such as cleaning, costs, and entertainment needs, it's no wonder that so many parents are opting to throw themed parties in unique environments instead of at home. Here are three fun party ideas and who they work best for!

Fun in the Sun

If you love the outdoors and aren't afraid to get your hands dirty, consider holding the party outside. Outdoor parties can take place at a park, lake, farm or just about any venue. You can incorporate activities like bubble blowing, swimming, building sandcastles, blow-up games, and more. These parties work great for all ages, but especially for toddlers. Outdoor playtime is a great way for children to get exercise, develop creativity and improve gross motor skills. Plus, cleanup is easy when you can dispose of garbage in the dumpsters in the parking lot or simply sweep leftover crumbs onto the grass.

Trampoline Party

Trampoline parties are great options for parents looking for a one-stop solution to throwing a child's birthday party. Most facilities offer party rooms with a designated party attendant to help feed kids and facilitate fun while trampoline activities provide entertainment and exercise. These parties work better for school-aged kids who have fully developed gross motor skills and who can safely run and jump or participate in demanding physical activities. According to the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, children under 6 years old should not be on trampolines. However, if bringing young children is unavoidable, look for places that offer a separate safety area for young ones to play and explore.

Restaurant Party

Many popular restaurants are beginning to offer children's party services to guests. Having a party in a restaurant has the convenience of consolidating catering and cleanup services. Many restaurants offer games, entertainment and other things to keep kids busy, such as play structures. Eating in a group setting like a restaurant also helps kids develop social skills, such as managing interpersonal relations and problem-solving, that become important later in life.

Planning a birthday party celebration for your children doesn't have to be a complicated effort when you focus on the fun. Plan to hold your function at a park, trampoline facility or in a restaurant to create a memorable celebration that your child will remember. No matter what you choose, add elements that reflect your child's growth and personality to create a truly memorable event.


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