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Always Watching: Behaviors You May Not Realize You Are Modeling for Your Child

Parents have the most influence on their kids and act as their main teachers. Whatever attitudes and behaviors you exhibit, your child will notice and start to pick up on them. Many parents know this and try to set a good example for their kids. Other parents are completely oblivious and aren't exactly thinking about modeling example behavior. From your choice of words to how you deal with stressful situations, here are some behaviors your kids are picking up from you. Physical Activity Your kids are bound to pick up on whatever level of physical activity you exhibit. Parents who care about staying physically active and fit will model the importance of physical activity . Their kids may take an interest in sports or outdoor activities, and their parents will support them. Kids of parents who lounge around the living room aren't likely to have much of an interest or see much of an importance in physical activity. Typically, people who are physically inactive are overweight.