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Why Healthy Snacks Are Becoming More Prevalent at Birthday Parties

While cake and ice cream may forever be considered the staple treat at children’s birthday parties, healthy snacks are making an impressive showing at more and more of these parties! Suddenly a veggie tray is nothing to be scoffed at—kids are loving the colorful produce available at their events. Here are a few reasons these nutrient-rich snacks are a great addition to the table. Energy Sugar may excite children into a frenzy, but the empty carbs and high fat intake make for a quick crash into exhaustion and cramping tummies. No more slowing down from stomach aches due to gorging on cookies—lower-carb options can still be enjoyed in high amounts without the icky side effects. According to EatingWell , cut vegetables, fruits, simple grains, and dairy options each provide the protein and nutrients that promote energy for extended periods of time! The sugars in these foods take a longer time to break down and come with a long list of micronutrients that encourage healthy immune systems

Tips for Helping Your Child Remember to Wash Their Hands

As an adult you know it’s really important to wash your hands, especially given the circumstances of this past year. However, teaching your children to build a habit of washing their hands is a big challenge. Here are a few things you can do to help make that challenge a little more reachable and give your child the tools they need to wash their hands regularly and stay healthy. Post a Sign One simple thing you can do to help your children remember to wash their hands is to have a sign in the bathroom. This is important because hand washing is paramount when it comes to preventing contamination and promoting hand hygiene. Your sign should be short and sweet and get to the point as quickly as possible without being forceful. If your child has a favorite character from a show they love to watch, including them on your sign can make it more fun. The sign should be a gentle reminder rather than a strong command so that your child can more easily maintain a good attitude about handwashing.

Essential Party Elements for Every Graduation Party

Graduating from school is an exciting and important achievement for any student. The desire to celebrate that achievement is a given. The reality of how to celebrate that achievement may be a little trickier to figure out. Here are a few essential elements to keep in mind for the best graduation party to honor your grad. Food and Beverages Every party needs a good menu! Whether you choose to serve a full meal or a spread of appetizers and snacks, there are plenty of ideas for fun and delicious foods you can offer. It may be easiest to determine the kind of food you want to provide by first determining the mood of the party you intend to throw. A casual backyard barbecue makes an easy setting for classic burgers, chips, veggie platters, and drinks, while a slightly more elegant indoor open house may call for a more “classy” spread of charcuterie boards, fruits, and desserts. And of course, don’t forget to provide a variety of beverages for your guests that can also match the mood of y