How to Organize any Outdoor Event in 5 Easy Steps

With summer and warm weather nearing, more events seem to take place outdoors. Especially for people who live in cold regions, to have an even outdoors and experience the sun is usually a highlight for party planners. Having an event outdoors gives you the opportunity to have more open-air facilities like sports and grilling. Guests get more energized in good weather and you have a lot more options when it comes to planning your event. In this article, you will learn five steps you need to follow to organize an outdoor event better and make things flow smoothly. 

1. Plan Around an Outdoor SettingIt is crucial to note that not all events work well outdoors. Before deciding to host an event, make sure you know the objective and the type of function. If some of your targets are un-achievable outdoors, indoors might be best. Consider the event, where you can host it, and if you have appropriate activities for hosting outdoors.  
2. Get a Proper VenueThe moment you are sure your event will…

Kid Friendly New Years Eve Ideas


Snow Ruined Birthday Party

I received this email from a frantic customer on Friday.

OMG - This snow totally ruined my plans for my daughters 2nd birthday party tomorrow. We bought her an outdoor little tykes playset and a bounce house and we were going to have all the kids over to play. Now my yard looks like a swamp and I doubt that it is going to be dry enough by 4pm tomorrow. Any ideas to entertain 6 children 2 and under for an hour inside? I am freaking out because just 2 can destroy everything in like 2 minutes and I have no idea what to do to keep them entertained. Any suggestions would be awesome!
Don’t fret, embrace the snow! Turning this disaster back into an event is not hard. We have an indoor venue we can move your party to and the moon bounce rental price can be applied to the new venue. The tricky part is letting all the parents know where the new location for the party is, hopefully you planned and have phone numbers for all the parent. If not, just have everyone show up at your house then carava…

5 Winter Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Summer birthday parties are easier to plan and execute than winter parties, both by kids and their parents. In the summer, the kids can be outdoors so that’s usually where the mess and the noise stay, which makes it easier to clean up also, and the kids get to use the entire yard to run off their never ending energy. Even though the summer sun allows for a little more flexibility, that doesn’t mean a winter party can’t be just as fun, for kids and parents.
You may be wondering where to find the best winter party ideas out there? If you’re looking for some craft ideas to get the kids excited about their birthday in the colder months, look no further. It’s all right here. These ideas are not just for the kids, even the parents can get involved and feel like kids again!
Indoor Snowman

Cut out circular pieces of white fabric, triangular pieces of orange fabric, and other shapes and colors of fabric that resemble snowman parts. Then, make one or several snowmen that can be stuck to the wall i…

Dunk Tank Rental Philadelphia- Fund Raising Ideas TLC Bounce

Fundraising involves a lot of organization and a lot of time. You want your supporters and sponsors to feel good about opening their wallets.  From their perspective, the event should just be an enjoyable time that allows them to give to a worthy cause.  A dunk tank is an easy addition to any fund-raising event.  Like no other activity, a dunk tank can save an event from being "too business related” and turn it into the high-spirited celebration that people don’t mind digging into their pockets for.
Renting a dunk tank is almost guaranteed to set the right mood for your event, and if you charge to play, you can easily turn it into a profitable investment!  We deliver the unit to your site, just add water!  Once your dunk tank is set up, you won’t have to do much.  People are familiar with the concept and will naturally line up to test their throwing skills.  You only need a couple people to help run it: one to collect money or tickets and another daring person to walk the plank!


Spring Is The Time To Celebrate With A Bounce House

Spring is one of the busiest times of the year. There are more charity events and parties to plan in spring than any other season. However, the weather is getting warmer and it just makes you want to be outside.

Holidays in spring include St. Patricks Day, Easter, Mother’s Day, and Memorial Day. Spring is also the time for elementary, high school, and college graduations, first communions, proms, and more. All that is in addition to the birthdays, church picnics, block parties, and other special events going on in the spring.

So there is no better time to add a fun, exciting bounce house rental to your next party plans.

Not surprisingly, spring is the busiest time of the year for bounce house rentals. The good weather combined with the numerous social events adds up to more bounce house rentals on the weekends — and even during the week — that at any other time of the year.

To make sure you get your first choice of bounce house themes or other inflatables, it’s a good idea to make you…

Summer Party Planning Ideas For Kids

Our priority at TLC Bounce are the little ones in your life. We cater to keeping the kids busy and entertained during any event you are having. This post is all about having a party in the hot summer months and how to stay cool during these events.
Step One: Rent a Bounce House. Every kid loses their mind when they see a bounce house. We guarantee that you will have a problem getting them out of the inflatable when the party is over.
We have three different inflatable fun options starting with the standard bounce house and moving up to the obstacle course for the more ambitious kiddos. Each rental includes at least one blower, stakes and an extension cord. We offer moon bounces in a variety of price ranges to fit your needs.
We also offer water slides to really step it up a notch.

Step Two: Get a snow cone machine. Don’t know where to get a snow cone machine? That’s why we’re here. Rent one! Need syrup? We’ve got that, too. Cherry, Grape and Orange. Let the birthday boy or girl decide.