How to Help Your Kid Feel Good about Their Smile


Your child’s smile brightens your day and lights up your life. However, if they don’t feel confident about their smile, you might start to see it less and less. That is a tragedy of epic proportions! You want your child to love their smile as much as you do. Here are some ways to make sure those pearly whites never stop showing up.

Identify Things to Love

Compliments are more believable when they are specific. You can tell your child that you love their smile, and you can also point out the specific things you love about it. Maybe it is the dimple that shows up on their left cheek. Maybe it is their gleaming white teeth. Or it could be how it puts such big sparkles in their eyes. Whatever it is, point it out, and then help them identify what they think makes their own smile beautiful.

Seek Orthodontic Treatment

It will be easier for your child to love their smile when it is straight and aligned properly. This is attainable through orthodontic treatment. While many people wait until their teenage years to take their kids in for an orthodontic evaluation, the American Association of Orthodontists recommends taking your child in around age seven. This early intervention can help prevent more invasive treatments later on. However, it is never too late to correct your smile. Orthodontic treatments are best done during youth or young adulthood, but can still be successfully completed later in life, even if it will likely take a bit longer to see the same results.

Help Them Practice Good Hygiene

Kids will feel more confident about their smile if it is clean and white. For this to happen, they need proper dental hygiene training from the time they are little. Make brushing fun so that they develop happy associations with it. Help them develop a habit of daily brushing and flossing that they can maintain on their own as they get older. Additionally, they should be seen by a dentist and dental hygienist every six months to keep their mouths healthy and their teeth gleaming!

Your child deserves to love their smile! Help ensure that they do by pointing out how beautiful it is, seeking out any needed orthodontic treatments, and helping them to keep it healthy and clean. A child’s smile is one of life’s most precious gifts. Don’t let that light source dim because they don’t feel confident about it. Help it to shine!

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