8 Arts and Crafts Your Kids Can Make for Your Yard

Arts and crafts are fantastic ways to stimulate your children’s minds and provide opportunities for them to use their creative energy. Here are eight ideas for arts and crafts your kids can make for your yard. These ideas will help them spend more time outside, use their imaginations, and contribute to the aesthetic beauty of your home. Scroll down and keep reading to learn how to make these eight great arts and craft projects!

Stepping Stone Handprints

Making stepping stone handprints is a great way to make memories with your kids and keep track of their growth over the years. In order to make this craft, you will need: cement, a mold, and rocks or other materials for decoration. First, mix the cement with the right amount of water until it’s the consistency of cookie dough (it shouldn’t be too wet). If it looks too thin, you’ll need to make the concrete stronger to ensure that everything will set properly. After it’s mixed, pour the cement into your desired mold, and wait for it to set for about 20 to 30 minutes. At this point, it will be ready for your kids to press their handprints and decorate with colorful rocks, marbles, or letters.

Painted Rocks

Making painted rocks is an easy craft that has limitless potential for your kids to express their creativity. This craft works for kids of almost any age. In order to make this craft, you will need: several smooth rocks of varying sizes, outdoor acrylic paint, paintbrushes of various sizes, aprons, soap, water, pencils, and markers. First, wash your rocks thoroughly. Second, prepare your workspace by laying down and wearing protective covering. Many people like first painting their rocks with a white base coat so the paints will show up brighter. Third, go crazy! The sky's the limit. When your rocks are finished, you can spray them with a protective coat of polyurethane in order to keep them safe from the weather.

Bird House

Making birdhouses is a fun craft that will not only help keep your kids busy, but will also let them have the experience of watching birds in your yard for a long time. There are many ways to build a birdhouse. There are birdhouse building kits available online, as well as plans to build your own birdhouse from scratch. You can choose a birdhouse making plan or kit depending on the age and ability of your kids.

Animal Feeder

If your kids like caring for animals, they would likely love making an animal feeder for squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. There are many different ways to build an animal feeder. There are various animal feeder building kits and plans available online. Your local department or hardware store might also have a good selection of animal feeders from which you can choose. The age and ability of your kids can help you determine which animal feeder to make. Your kids will love to help you find the perfect place to hang your animal feeder in your yard and fill it with food for the small animals which frequent your yard.

Painted Flower Pots

You can help your kids experience the joys of gardening and growing flowers through letting them paint flower pots with you. You can use both recycled and store-bought terracotta pots for this craft. Before painting them, make sure to scrub and clean them thoroughly, especially if they’re old and have any dirt or mold. Outdoor acrylic paint and varnish will be your best bets for success with this craft, as these won’t flake off. Other materials you might need include foam and hair brushes of varying sizes, painters’ tape, markers, spray paint, and newspaper to protect your work area. Before you paint your pots, make sure to seal them both inside and out to prevent water from getting into the clay.

Homemade Wind Chimes

Making homemade wind chimes is a fun, easy, and unique craft that will make your yard look beautiful and whimsical. There are many different materials you can use to make a homemade wind chime. Many people love making wind chimes out of coffee cans, CDs, twigs, plastic bottles, and glass bottles. You can decorate these however you like with paint, stickers, glitter, and other crafting materials. Fishing line is a cost-effective way to hang your wind chimes up in your head.

Sun Catchers

Kids will love making homemade sun catchers. This craft is a great way for your kids to show their creativity and contribute to the beauty of your home. You can make sun catchers from a kit, or build your own from scratch. Many sun catcher kits provide clear plastic and translucent paints that will look beautiful when the sun shines through. You can also make sun catchers out of glass or crystal beads. To make this craft, you will need your chosen sun catcher materials (glass or crystal beads, clear plastic, or other similar materials), fishing line, acrylic paints, and a key ring or sturdy loop so that you can hang up your suncatcher.

Fairy Garden

Making a fairy garden is a wonderful way to add magic to your children’s playtime and encourage your kids to use their imaginations. There are infinite possibilities for making fairy gardens. Your kids can make them for any terrain and out of any material. You can make a fairy garden with the materials you already have around your house and in your yard, but if you want to buy some supplies specifically for this craft, you could purchase glass bowls, small mirrors, moss, sand, and small crystals. You and your children can work collaboratively on your fairy garden, and you can continue building and adding to it at your leisure.

These eight ideas are fun, cost-effective ways to help your kids have fun, be creative, and stay busy this summer. Of course, there are many other arts and crafts you could try as well—feel free to adapt these ideas to better suit your own children and family.

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