How to Get Your Kids to Be More Active

In our ever-more digital world, many of our children’s favorite activities are now online. Not too long ago, children could run around outside for hours on end, all day even, playing around, being active and enjoying the outdoors. No longer is this the case. Getting your kids to be active can now feel like a chore, and yet the benefits of an active lifestyle at a young age pay dividends over a lifetime. Here are a few ways that you can get your kids to be active. 

Exercise as a Family

Many parents like to point the finger of blame for inactive children on the internet, video games, or even their own children, but perhaps you should look at yourself as a possible reason your children are sedentary. If you and the rest of your family don’t set an example as people who are active, how are your children going to see an active role model to look up to? You should try and exercise as a family, either join a class together or do active activities together. Go for a hike, or go swimming together, or even just go for a nice long family walk. 

Get Them in a Team Sport

Expecting your child to be active by themselves is a tall order. Kids are much more likely to enjoy physical activity if they are doing so with friends or in a group setting. Getting your child involved in organized sports is a great way to add an activity to their day with other children having fun and getting some exercise in. But make sure to keep your kids safe while they are sporting and get them a mouthguard. According to Murfreesboro Family Dentistry, wearing a mouthguard during a contact sport can reduce dental injuries by 82%. 

Get Your Kids Gifts that Promote Activity

When you are getting your child birthday or Christmas presents, do you find that they are often video games or other times that might promote a sedentary lifestyle? If this sounds like you, think about revamping your gift giving for your child. Active for Life recommends that you get your kids gifts that promote active lifestyles, like skateboards, roller skates, bikes, pogo sticks, etc. a trampoline can be a great fun gift that will give your kids something active to do. Or even a basketball, volleyball, soccer ball, or Spike ball set can give your kids more games to play outside that will get them exercising without even realizing it. 

Having a sedentary kid can be frustrating. While you can tell them all you like of the benefits of activity, getting them to listen is a whole other story. Try these three tips to get your kids exercising more and staying active for life.

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