How Every Mom Can Treat Themselves

No one works longer hours or gives more of themselves than a mother. Somewhere between the seemingly endless diaper changes, meals, piles of laundry, and perpetual clean up, moms need a break more than anyone else! Often, moms keep going and going, wearing themselves out and putting everyone’s needs ahead of their own. They wait for a partner or parent to step in and provide a much-needed break. But moms, you don’t have to wait for the self-care that you so desperately need and deserve—if you aren’t sure when the last time you had a break was, it’s time to hire a babysitter and go treat yourself.

Go to Lunch with a Friend

No matter how much a mom loves listening to the cooing of her infant or the sweet prattle of her toddler, she needs some adult talk now and then. What better way to connect with friends than to meet for lunch? Not only do you get a delicious meal that you didn’t have to prepare, but you also get to decompress and laugh with a friend. Friendship and connection are huge contributors toward life-long wellness. In a matter of an hour or two, you can refuel and refill your cup.

Get a Nap In

It may sound crazy to hire a babysitter only to crawl back into your warm bed and get a couple more hours of shut-eye, but doing just that is a wonderful use of that resource. Many moms are permanently sleep deprived, living life in a perpetual fog. Trying to squeeze in a nap with a fussy baby or active toddler in the house can be an exercise in futility and leave you more tired than when you started. Hire a babysitter! They can take the kids to the park, or even have your children over at their place, and leave you with a blissfully quiet house to nap in!

See a Movie Alone

Many people feel uncomfortable taking themselves out on a date, but you can truly be your own best company at a movie. No one is there to interrupt your thoughts or force you into a boring conversation. No one is talking in your ear while you are straining to catch that riveting dialogue. No one is eating your popcorn or stealing your M&M’s! You also get to watch whatever movie you want to watch, which means your kids’ or partner’s tastes don’t play into the equation whatsoever. Try it, and you just might find it was the best cinematic experience that you have ever had!

Buy Yourself a New Outfit

This next suggestion is the very best way to kill two birds with one stone. Not only do you get out of the house for a bit of quiet time to yourself, but you get to buy something that will keep on giving every time you wear it. Go shopping and find yourself a cute new outfit! Sometimes it is hard to feel pretty as a mom, what with all the long days and longer nights. But gone are the days where the only comfortable and versatile thing to wear is sweats! Find yourself a fun, comfy dress that flatters you in all the right places. Good options for this are stylish wrap-around dresses, ever-ready maxi-dresses, or supremely comfortable T-shirt dresses. A modest dress can help you feel more confident in yourself even while you’re running after a toddler!

Get Outside and Enjoy Nature

Sure, you can walk or run with the kids in tow so long as you have a good jogging stroller, but why not hire a sitter and get some fresh air and sunshine by yourself? Few things are more restorative than getting out into nature. This gives you time to yourself to meditate and relish in the beauty of this earth, and it is absolutely free! Absorb the positive ions around you, feel the gentle breeze, soak in the sunshine alighting gently upon your face. Allow yourself to let the worries and stresses go as you notice every little detail of nature and experience precious time existing fully in the present. You will come home with renewed energy for your little ones.

Go to the Library and Read

For you literary moms who are used to devouring books but can’t seem to find the time anymore, head to your local library and go ahead and devour that book you have been routinely starting only to stop five minutes later. Reading can boost your brain power, improve your mood, and even combat some mental illnesses. This is another free activity, and you just might find your next book while you are at it.

Get Pampered

Everyone needs a little pampering, and this is especially true for moms! Go get a manicure or pedicure. Enjoy a fun, modern haircut. Luxuriate in a massage. Indulge in a facial. Bask in a spa treatment. If possible, go with a friend and experience some human connection at the same time. The money will be well worth the investment in your physical and emotional health.

Run Errands

This may sound like a counterproductive suggestion to anyone but a mom. However, moms know how luxurious it is to run errands without kids in tow. As wonderful as kids are most of the time, they tend to become little imps when they are forced along on Mom’s grocery store outings or errand trips. It is a win-win to hire a babysitter for these excursions. The kids get to have fun engaging in enjoyable activities with the sitter, while you get to run errands in peace.

Moms love their kids, and are thrilled to be able to care for them and be there for all the little firsts and milestones and day-to-day adventures. But you are still a mortal with very real needs, and one of those needs is to refuel so that you can care for your children day in and day out. Don’t wait for someone else to give you permission to take a break. Hire a sitter or have your partner stay in, and treat yourself to much needed self-care on a weekly basis. Get out and do the things that you love, and the people that you love will be even happier having a much happier you!


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