Must-Have Features for Every Family Car

When you’re shopping for a family car, you have a lot to consider. You want a car that is safe and reliable, but you also want a car that fits your family’s needs. Cars today are built with lots of extra features that will help you have a smoother ride that everyone in the family can love.

A History of Reliability

Before you look at all the fancy gadgets of a potential new car, the first thing you want to do is make sure the car you are looking at has a history of reliability. There are several car makes that consistently rank highest on safety and reliability. Look at metrics like which models stay on the road the longest, as this will tell you it is built to last. The last thing you want to worry about when driving with your family is having your car breakdown. Buying a highly reliable car may cost you more upfront, but it will save you expensive repairs and maintenance later on. Turn to resources like Kelly Blue Book© to help give you more information on the history of reliability of makes and models you are considering.

Safety Features

Safety features are incredibly important when you’re looking at a family car. Extra airbags are a safety feature everyone will be grateful for in the event of an accident. You want your car to have side and side curtain airbags throughout the car, not just in the front seats. One must-have safety feature is a backup camera. Backup cameras will help you drive safer by making sure there are no kids, pets, or even toys behind your car before you reverse. This is great in busy parking lots or on crowded streets. Some cars have advanced backup cameras that will either begin beeping or automatically break if there is something behind your car that you don’t notice. 

Easy-to-Clean Interior

With a car full of kids and maybe even pets, messes are bound to happen. This means you want a car that has seat upholstery and floor mats that will withstand spills without staining. Removable cup holders can be easily cleaned in a sink or dishwasher. Some minivans today are made with built-in vacuums, so you won’t have to bust out your handheld vacuum just to pick up crumbs. Consider leather upholstery because it is easy to wipe down. Many rear cargos come with a tray or liner that is easy to remove and clean. 


Cars are made more durable based on how they are constructed, and what is under the hood. Cars built with sturdy, reliable engines are less likely to overheat or cause you problems and will keep running for over 200,000 miles. The steel used to build the car body’s exterior offers an important layer of safety and protection to hold up in the event of an accident. You also want a car whose paint job can stand up to little dings or scratches without getting ruined. XPEL offers paint protection to your vehicle against stains and scratches.

Technology Upgrades

New cars today come with a slew of technology upgrades you will love. A great feature for your family car is built-in tv screens, typically centered behind the front row of the car, or built into the back of the front row headrests. Whether you’re picking kids up from school or going on a long road trip, they can stay entertained by watching their favorite tv shows and movies. Remote start is another cool upgrade. This allows you to start the car without being inside of it, allowing you to turn up the air conditioning or heat so it is the right temperature once your family gets inside. Some cars even have wireless charging pads now, so you don’t have to bother with cords. 


One of the top things you should be looking for in a family car is space. You need enough space to fit all of your kid’s sports equipment, instruments, dance shoes, and more. Make sure your car comes with enough rear cargo space to haul everything you need it to. While cars and sedans generally have less than 20 cubic feet of cargo space, SUVs and minivans can provide 50 or more cubic feet of space. This increases in vehicles where you can fold down or even remove one or two rows of seats. If you want to hit the jackpot on storage, look for vehicles that feature additional storage below the floor mats.

Built-in Shades

Built-in sun shades are a feature that was made for hot days. These features sometimes come standard in many vehicles with one or two rows of rear seating. Riding in the backseat, your kids will receive a lot of sun exposure without any protection from UV rays. Built-in sun shades are sleek, easy to operate, and are hidden away when you don’t need them. If you need your little ones to nap on the ride home, sun shades can block out enough light to let them drift off the dreamland. Plus, they are great for reducing glare on screens. 

Backseat Bonuses

While it used to be a bummer to be stuck in the third row of a minivan, today it can be the best seat in the house. Many cars now feature USB plug-ins near the back seats, so your kids can keep all of their electronic devices charged. Most will have plentiful cupholders and even built-in bins to store tablets and handheld gaming devices. While third rows of cars used to be especially cramped, many are now elevated and offer more legroom than ever before. All of the backseat bonuses make car rides easier for your kids. 

When it comes to buying a family car, you have lots of options. Rank which features are the most important to you to help you organize your search and make the right decision. Aside from safety, the most important thing to look for in a car is one where your family can all be comfortable so you will enjoy the drive, and they will enjoy the ride.

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