Why Healthy Snacks Are Becoming More Prevalent at Birthday Parties

While cake and ice cream may forever be considered the staple treat at children’s birthday parties, healthy snacks are making an impressive showing at more and more of these parties! Suddenly a veggie tray is nothing to be scoffed at—kids are loving the colorful produce available at their events. Here are a few reasons these nutrient-rich snacks are a great addition to the table.


Sugar may excite children into a frenzy, but the empty carbs and high fat intake make for a quick crash into exhaustion and cramping tummies. No more slowing down from stomach aches due to gorging on cookies—lower-carb options can still be enjoyed in high amounts without the icky side effects. According to EatingWell, cut vegetables, fruits, simple grains, and dairy options each provide the protein and nutrients that promote energy for extended periods of time! The sugars in these foods take a longer time to break down and come with a long list of micronutrients that encourage healthy immune systems and blood flow throughout the body, meaning your kids will have the energy to enjoy partying beyond snack time.

Tooth Decay

According to Stellar Kids Dentistry, it’s no secret that candy causes tooth decay, but you’d be surprised by how much sugar is in your child’s favorite snacks. Granola bars, crackers, and even dried fruit are all packed with sugar that can cause cavities. Often, these foods are made with sugary substances that stick to teeth easily but unstick with difficulty. Rather than deal with the cavities that so often come with these sticky foods, many parents simply substitute fresher, easier foods that pack all the crunches and bursts of flavor without the sugary coatings. This saves children’s teeth (and dental bills!)

Great Taste and Great Look

According to Evite, more than anything else, the taste of quality fruits, vegetables, and other healthy snacks like cheese or plain popcorn has become well accepted as actually delicious! And furthermore, these kinds of snacks can be presented in visual designs that make them even more irresistible! Be creative with the ways you cut and lay out your child’s snack table, and you will still get excited reactions from hungry little hands and mouths!

Don’t shy away from putting some carrot sticks and hummus, celery and peanut butter, fruit salad, frozen yogurt pops, or cheese cubes on your next party table. Kids enjoy the look and taste of the food and the way they feel after eating it!

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