Tips for Throwing a Fun, Successful Pool Party for Your Child’s Summer Birthday

Summer birthdays are the perfect opportunity to take advantage of pool time. However, poolside birthday parties need something special to set them apart from just another day at the pool! For a successful pool party, you’ll need a good invitation, a safe environment, and some exciting special features to add to the experience!

Invitation Information

Nothing is worse than forgetting essential information on an invitation, leaving the guests and the host unprepared for the event. According to Greetings Island, the location and time are the most important elements of an invite.  But for the comfort, confidence, and motivation to attend for all of your invitees, consider including the activities involved (so they can be appropriately dressed and mentally prepared), the food provided (so anyone with allergies can be notified), and an assurance to the parents of the children invited that they will be safe and taken care of!

Water Safety

According to SwimJim, when it comes to drowning prevention, water safety is an absolute must. Reassure yourself, other parents, and any children who may feel nervous about swimming, that they are safe! Either you or someone else present should be CPR certified in case of emergency. Establish some basic rules about playing rough and staying in a manageable area of the pool—aka staying in the shallow end for those especially young and small bodies. Stay conscious of who is in the pool and who is out of it. Confirm with parents as they RSVP that their child can swim, and to what level they are a “confident” swimmer so you can know who to check on most frequently. Be aware of any specific rules of the pool you are at if it is not your own, as well!

Mix It Up With Fun Features

Offer some exciting toys and games to mix up their pool time with more than they would usually have! Inflatables are always a crowd favorite. Games with sinkable toys or water shooters are a guarantee for healthy competition and laughter (but should come with a rule on shooting faces, as that is also a guarantee for tears and frustration). According to Good Housekeeping, you should get creative and ask your child for ideas for their own party! They will love the opportunity to create their own vision for fun, and you can feel confident that you’ve done something they enjoy!

Prepare for a successful party by making sure you have effective invites, proper safety measures, and extra fun elements to keep the party unique and exciting. Doing so will make sure that everything runs smoothly and that everyone attending will have a good experience. 

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