What Will It Take to Get Schools Back Open?

The coronavirus pandemic has led to major changes in the daily lives of people across America and the world. One of those changes that are felt most severely by parents is the closing of schools. Getting back to school is a good sign that normalcy is returning, but several things need to happen before they can reopen safely. Here are a few things to look out for as signs that schools can open soon. 

Vaccinate Teachers

Vaccinations are one of the most important things we can do to protect teachers and students from the risks of coronavirus. Vaccinations are also our best bet at getting to a level of herd immunity while minimizing the number of people who have to suffer to make that happen. When teachers have been vaccinated, they are safer and in a better position to put their energy and attention into engaging students and teaching with the passion, we all know they have. Many state and local governments are focusing on vaccinating teachers first to help schools reopen as quickly and safely as possible.

Apply New Safety Standards


In addition to vaccinations, schools must have strong safety standards in place to make sure that students and teachers are safe at school. Distancing rules are difficult to enforce in such crowded environments like schools. That said, when everyone is doing their best to maintain those standards and use the safety tools we have at our disposal, it will make reopening schools a safer and easier prospect. Teaching students and teachers how to behave to maintain safety will go a long way towards helping schools reopen for all our students.

Having a Good Testing Protocol


Testing for COVID is another essential part of the safe reopening of schools. When a school has a testing protocol in place it can help to catch the illness early and prevent it from spreading rapidly among teachers and students. Every area is handling COVID testing at schools a little bit differently but having a plan in place can help to improve safety and give teachers and students an idea of what they should anticipate when schools do open at last.


Keeping teachers and students safe is a priority for everyone. If we follow these steps we should be able to safely open schools and make life easier for students and parents around the country and the world.

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