How to Create the Perfect Outdoor Entertaining Space

Entertaining can be an exciting way to show off your home and spend time with the people you love. With dedicated outdoor entertaining spaces, you can host fun parties and events throughout the warmer months and make the most out of your beautiful piece of nature. A dedicated outdoor entertaining space will save you a lot of time setting up and cleaning up for your parties. Creating the perfect spot for outdoor entertaining can take a little investment, but it will pay off in the long run with memories and great times.

Create a Plan

Before starting on your outdoor entertaining space, it is essential to have a plan for what you want to do moving forward. A plan is important because if you go without, you may end up creating a beautiful outdoor space that doesn’t work for your needs or miss important details that are essential to your outdoor entertaining.


When building your plan, think about how often you have guests, how many guests you often have, and what kinds of things you like to do when you entertain. With that in mind, you can work on creating the perfect plan for your outdoor entertaining space.

Choose a Good Location

Depending on your yard, your home, and your needs, you have different options for where to place your outdoor entertaining space. You may want your entertaining space close to the house and facilities or out in the beauty of your yard and garden. A deck is a great option because it is more versatile. With a deck, you can improve your outdoor entertaining options and make use of the beautiful view from a higher vantage point. Understanding what you want from your outdoor entertaining area will help you to make the best choice for its location. Once you have the location in mind, you will have a better idea of how expensive and complicated the project will be so you can budget accordingly.

Include an Outdoor Kitchen

One of the best things you can do to make your outdoor entertaining space more fun and usable is to include an outdoor kitchen in the design. It is difficult to host guests outside and have a good time when you are stuck in the kitchen preparing food and running back and forth to serve.


With an outdoor kitchen in your entertaining space, you can be part of the action, even if you are still cooking when guests arrive. The extent of your outdoor kitchen space is up to you. It’s a good idea to have a water source and even space to store silverware and flatware. An outdoor dishwasher can make your life much easier after entertaining outside. As for cooking implements, it is up to you whether you want to include a stove and oven or simply use a nice grill to complete your outdoor kitchen. Just make sure everything is properly packed away to avoid inviting pests to come join your party.

Have Enough Lighting

The one downfall that outdoor entertainment can have is that the party often has to come to an end when it gets dark outside. With great lighting in your outdoor space, you can keep your parties running even after dark and ensure that everyone has a safe and happy time outside.

When building your lighting scheme, be sure to include elements of ambient light, accent lighting, and lighting to help you get things done. Having great ambient light isn’t enough if you don’t have great lighting in your kitchen area. With the right lighting, you can create a festive and fun environment for all of your outdoor entertainment.

Incorporate Plants and Greenery

One of the benefits of outdoor entertaining space is that you have easy access to nature and all of its beauty. By incorporating plants into your design for your outdoor space, you can emphasize the beauty of your space and make it feel really special.


If you are new to keeping plants, it is a good idea to choose beautiful options that are low maintenance and easy to care for. It is also helpful to start with one or two before growing your collection. Learning how to care for different plants can take a little time but if you start with a couple of easy options, you won’t have any problems at all making your outdoor space look beautiful and inviting.

Choose Good Furniture

It would be a real shame to spend all this time planning and building your beautiful entertainment space and then throw together a random set of folding chairs for entertaining. Investing in high-quality beautiful outdoor furniture can elevate your outdoor space and help your guests feel comfortable and welcome.


Look for outdoor furniture that is sturdy and matches your style. It is worth investing in high-quality outdoor furniture that will stand the test of time and whatever weather it may face in your entertaining space.

Shade Solutions

If you plan to entertain outdoors, you will likely face some hot days that will make being outside a little more difficult. By finding great shade solutions, you can keep your guests cool and add to the versatility of your outdoor space.


One great and natural way to get shade is to plant trees. This can be a great way to shade your yard and protect the environment, but it will take some time before the trees you plant begin to provide enough shade for your guests. Adding a gazebo or pavilion or investing in a pop-up canopy can help you create shade without needing to wait for a tree to grow. Invest some time into planning shade options for your outdoor space so you don’t find yourself and your guests regretting it on a hot summer day.


Entertaining is such a fun way to spend time with people you care about in the place you love. Taking advantage of your outdoor space to make entertaining even more fun and versatile can be a great way to expand the joy you find in your home. Start planning now so you can build the outdoor entertaining space you have always wanted to enjoy.

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