3 Ideas for How You Can Celebrate Your Child's Birthday During Quarantine

Because of COVID-19, many birthdays and other celebrations are needing to be canceled. Although most parents don't mind canceling their own plans, they cannot bear to see their children go without some sort of celebration. Thus, the following article includes three ideas for how you can celebrate your child's birthday during the COVID-19 quarantine.

Drive-By Party

One of the mandatory rules being enforced throughout the country is the limitation of who and how many people can be within your home. This, of course, leads to many parents having to cancel their child's parties. However, there is a way to have all your friends and family come to wish your child a happy birthday without needing to go into your home or even be near you. By organizing a drive-by-party, you can show your child that people still care about them, even during these times. You may ask the people involved to decorate their cars with balloons and other festive decorations to really make the day that much more memorable.

Backyard Family BBQ

If you are fortunate to have a backyard, one of the best ways to celebrate your child's birthday without being cooped up inside is to throw a backyard family BBQ. Organize their favorite party games, set up a fog machine and lights to really make it look like a party. You may even use this time to cook together as a family. Something easy to cook, such as brats or hotdogs, would be great. In order to keep the fun going, always remember to follow grilling safety precautions.

Decorate Your Home

Some of the younger children won't understand the concept of quarantine and might simply feel like nobody wanted to come for their birthday. Although it can be hard to explain why that is the reason you can show them how much they are cared for. You can accomplish this by going all out on decorations inside and outside your home. As they go about their day, they will be reminded that they are still loved and that their birthday was certainly not forgotten.

These are tough times and can be even harder when children are involved. Though this virus has certainly made us stay home, it should not stop parents from showing how much they care about their children. Use the tips above to make sure that your child's birthday is one to remember, and not just for the bad reasons.

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