Questions Every Parent Needs To Answer Before Getting A Nanny Cam

Do you have concerns about how your children are being treated at home? Does something seem off about your nanny? If so, you are probably considering getting a nanny cam. Here are some important things to consider first.

Is It Legal?

You might think that you can do whatever you want in your home when you get a nanny or babysitter. But that is not entirely true. Currently all fifty states allow nanny cams to be installed even without the consent of the nanny. However, there are limitations. The cameras cannot be installed in the bathroom or in the nanny’s bedroom if you have a live-in nanny.
Although you can videotape without permission, there are restrictions on audio recordings. Fifteen states require you to disclose the use of audio recording to others. Other states allow recordings on the basis of single party consent. That means at least one individual that is being recorded must consent to the recording.

How Do I Keep Footage Secure?

The point of a nanny cam is to help improve the security of your home. But if not properly protected, it can cause a security risk. The last thing you want to do is provide a hacker with an inside view of your home. One way to secure your footage is to use a wired system combined with a computer that is disconnected from the internet. Doing this may seem extreme, but it gives no way for a hacker to reach your cameras wirelessly. On the other hand, if you aren’t concerned about such extreme tactics, you should at least ensure that you have a strong Wi-Fi password. Regularly review footage and delete anything that you don’t need. Old useless footage can only give a hacker information on your habits

Is It Worth It?

Is it really worth the trouble to get a nanny cam? If there is a problem going on with your nanny definitely. Abuse at the hands of a care-giver is sadly more common than we would like to think. Your nanny may not be hurting your kids, but they could be neglecting them. Is it an invasion into your kid’s privacy? If you are considerate in your placement of your cameras, that shouldn’t be too much of a problem for your children. Try not to use it to spy too much on your children and consider carefully before punishing them for what you catch on camera.

It can be difficult to leave kids home alone, but for many families, there is no family available to care for the children. Often, families need to hire a babysitter or nanny to help out. It can be very reassuring that you can monitor the treatment given to your children while you are gone. A nanny cam can provide the reassurance when properly implemented.


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