How to Create Photo Opportunities During Your Child's Party

It's your child's big day! With each milestone, your little boy or girl deserves a party with lasting memories. The best way to preserve the day is to create photo opportunities for parents and their children who attend your party. Here are a few steps for preserving precious moments you'll love to look back on.

Face Painting

Whether you hire a professional face painter or enlist the help of a friend, a face painting booth at your party is a creative touch. Grab a kit of colors and let the little ones choose how they want their makeup done. Teens and adults alike can enjoy the art of face painting with simple and extravagant designs your child will enjoy to be photographed with.

Find a Mascot

Volunteer to dress up as a popular character from cartoons and comics to make an appearance at your party! Kids will love getting their photo taken with their favorite mascot and you can plan a meet and greet portion of your party schedule for a fun activity. If you don’t want to be in the costume, you can also enlist the help of other family members or friends. Renting an actor to come to the party is also an option.

Plant Flowers

An outdoor party deserves a lovely backdrop for photo opportunities. When designing a backdrop remember that flowers and water features enhance your yard. Blooming foliage, whether natural or artificial, looks gorgeous in pictures, and fountains add a magical touch that your kids may also be able to play in with adult supervision. Natural beauty always adds a timeless background for photos to treasure for years to come.

Think Candid

A professional photographer will know the exact moments to capture, but allowing your guests to shoot pictures as well can provide a variety of snapshots. While the parents of the birthday boy or girl have their hands full making the day special, other guests can take turns taking pictures of memorable moments such as the birthday cake and party games. Candid moments are always special when your guests are laughing and having fun with one another. You don't need to intrude on a tender moment; just try to capture the celebration. Make sure your guests are comfortable being in pictures at the start of the party as well.

Your child’s birthday is a special and fun day. Memories of your child's birthday party will live on even longer with snapshots of the big day. Afterward, you can develop pictures, post to an online photo album or send your guests photo mementos as a thank you for attending the celebration and being part of your special day.

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