4 Important Chores Your Kids Can Do

Most kids don’t enjoy doing their chores. When assigning chores, it's a good idea to help kids understand the reasons their chores are important. There are chores that can help prevent disasters inside and outside the home. These chores are essential but also possible for kids to complete.


Dusting may not seem like a life-changing activity, but it can be life-saving for family members within the home. Dusting is easy enough for a child to do and it can prevent allergies and other breathing issues. Dust allergies can be life-threatening if your child has asthma, so someone needs to be assigned to dust often. Also, make sure you’re using a cleaner that isn't toxic. Additionally, It's a good idea to use rags that hold in the dust instead of just spreading it around the room. Have children dust frequently, and teach them how to thoroughly dust the entire house and not just a couple of areas.

Cleaning the Rain Gutters

It's easy to forget rain gutters because they aren't something you look at daily. However, not cleaning them can lead to major problems, and this is a perfect job for a kid who is old enough to handle it. Make sure you hold the ladder steady while your child climbs and works. Don't ever leave your child unattended while on the ladder. Have your child wear gloves and hand them any tools or materials they need to get the gutters clean. If gutters aren't cleaned out the water will spill on the roof and the foundation of the house, which can lead to severe damage and expensive repairs if the structure has not been waterproofed.

Clearing Outside Clutter

Clutter inside the house is annoying and causes problems of its own. However, outside clutter can lead to roaches, rats and other invasions that can cause serious problems and are expensive to fix. Assign your child the task of cleaning the garage or yard on a regular basis so boxes, papers and other items don't take up permanent residence. Creatures love to hide in areas where clutter is left, and they will eventually make their way into your house.

Checking Batteries

The batteries in the remote going out isn't a big deal. However, the batteries in your smoke alarm or carbon monoxide alarm going out without your knowledge is a big deal. Set up a schedule where your child tests the alarms and replaces batteries if needed. It's also a good idea to have your kids check your emergency supply kit to make sure everything is still there and working.
Kids have a lot to offer, but it’s easy to assume they aren’t ready to help with important things. At heart, kids are eager to help and they can perform simple chores that have major effects. Give them the chance and watch your home stay both clean and safe while they learn important life skills.

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