How to Create a Cooking Themed Birthday Party for Your Little Chef

If your child is always up for helping you cook around the house, then maybe a cooking-themed birthday party is in order. Children love to create, especially when it involves getting messy in the process. Here's how to create a cooking-themed birthday party for your little chef.

Kid-Friendly Foods to Make

Not everything food-related is kid-friendly. Although most things require some sort of heating up, that does not mean you should take them off the list. This simply means that an adult takes care of the portion of the cooking process. According to the Law Offices Of Gerald J. Noonan, in order to prevent any serious problems and protect the children, keep kids away from the cooking zone, and do not allow playing around the oven or stove. The fun part of planning a cooking-themed birthday party is deciding on the food. One thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you keep it simple enough for both your children and yourself. A good food choice to go with is pizza. Children are going to love playing with the pizza dough as well as decorating their pie with their own creations. As a parent, this can also be one of the easiest things to cook as most pizzas don't take too long to cook fully.

Party Favors

When it comes to a cooking-themed party, sending kids home with a candy bag might not be the best of options. Instead, consider giving cookie cutters. They're useful and inexpensive items to add to goodie bags. Kids can take them home and continue their cooking adventure with their families. Another item to consider is a recipe book with all your child's favorite foods. Don't worry; you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on professional books. Instead, use decorative printer paper that can be copied inexpensively.

Cooking Games

If there is one way to offer entertainment to your kid's friends while sticking to the theme of the party, it's through cooking games. A fun game to play is the blindfolded tasting game. Each child attempts to guess what they are tasting, and the one with the most correct choices wins. Another fun game you can play is the one-handed chef. Using one hand, each child attempts to make a simple recipe, and the fastest person with the most accurate results wins. According to Encore Kids Parties, another fun game is having the kids set the table as fast as they can.
Organizing a cooking-themed birthday party for your child can be one of the best ways to enhance their love for cooking while teaching them a few things about the process. Adhere to some of the tips listed above, and you can throw a birthday party they'll ever forget.

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