3 Major Social Skills Parents Must Teach Their Kids

There are so many different things that children must be taught as they grow up. We teach them how to walk, talk, use the bathroom, feed themselves, and read. There are some other life skills that we need to focus on as well that will ensure our kids have the social skills necessary to be successful and to have friends throughout their lives. Here are three major social skills that parents must teach their kids.

Don't Fear Rejection

Sometimes you meet someone, and you hit it off right away. There are other times when you talk a bit with someone, only to find that you really aren’t hitting it off with that person. You don’t want to fear rejection and not talk to someone in the first place, so teach your children that it’s ok not to get along with everyone. The important thing is that you take that leap and introduce yourself to someone in the first place.

What Not to Say

There will be times when your child sees someone out in public who is different from him or her. There may be a person who is dressed differently. There could be someone in a wheelchair or with a missing limb. They should know what not to say to people with disabilities to show they respect them and appreciate them as people. This is part of their emotional development. Everyone is different. Make sure your child knows that and appreciates that fact.

Teach Your Child to Be Tolerant

It’s so important that your child learns how to tolerate other people in life. Patience is truly an important skill. When your child is talking to someone, he or she should learn how to listen to that person and take in what he or she is saying. Even if differing opinions are present, your child should know how to be tolerant and how to accept what is being said. Your kids have the freedom to express their opinions as well, but nobody should be judged for feeling the way that they do.

There are many different ways that you can teach your children what they need to know about being sociable with other people. You can set a good example when you’re interacting with other people in front of your child. You can also sit down with your child and discuss how he or she should act in certain situations. Don’t be afraid to correct your child if you feel he or she didn’t handle a situation properly. Just make sure to do it later on at home so that you won’t make the situation worse.

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