How to Choose the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Little Girl

Girls have a ton of options when it comes to what type of bathing suit to wear. How do you choose
the perfect one? How much should your daughter be involved in choosing since she is the one
wearing it? Knowing what approach to take when buying a swimsuit for your little girl will make the
process more efficient and will ensure that she ends up with just the right one.

Let Her Choose

Everyone wants to have a choice about what she wears, no matter how old or young. That’s why it’s
important to let a girl choose her own bathing suit, even if it’s not the style that mom might choose for
her. This teaches girls that they have control over what they put on their bodies. Parents are also less
likely to receive complaints about the swimsuit later if a girl chooses one instead of being assigned a
specific suit.

Parents can offer guidance and tips for how to make a good choice, but the decision of which bathing
suit to wear should ultimately be the child’s. Give kids ownership and responsibility over this task, and
watch their confidence grow.

Two-Piece vs. One-Piece

Girls have a variety of choices when it comes to swimwear. One-piece suits are available in a variety
of designs, and two-piece suits range from tankinis to bikinis that bare the midriff. One- and two-piece
suits have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's important for each girl to know what is most
comfortable for her.

One-piece suits cover more, so less sunscreen is required. They are also sometimes easier to
maneuver in for girls who are always on the move. Two-pieces make going to the bathroom easier,
which means you're less likely to experience a potty accident at the pool. Especially in the younger
crowd, this is a pretty essential asset.

Age and preference are major considerations when deciding whether a one-piece or two-piece will
work best, so weigh the pros and cons carefully.

Be Aware of Materials

It's easy to assume all bathing suits are created equal when it comes to materials. This isn't the case.
Some materials dry faster, a major benefit when kids decide to step out of the pool. There are materials
that offer SPF protection so kids won't burn as easily where the suit covers. There are materials meant
to hold their form even after many wears whereas others will stretch and droop after a matter of weeks.

Consider what materials you want on your little girl, and make sure they are high-quality while still
offering affordability. Kids grow quickly, so buying quality at a good price is key.

When you’re at the pool, it’s likely your little girl will want as great as a swimsuit as the one you have.
Every girl wants a cute swimsuit, regardless of her age. Know your options, and let your little girl have
fun deciding what style suits her best. Most importantly, have fun with the process! Following these tips
will help her to find the perfect swimsuit so she can have an amazing summer swimming with her friends
and family. Have an even better time with a water slide from TLC Bounce!


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