How to Prep for Your Outdoor Party

If you're in the midst of planning a birthday party for your child, you're probably really excited
about the big day. To help make sure that your child really enjoys the party, you're probably focused
on preparation. These are a few tips to help you prep for your son or daughter's outdoor party.

Clean up the Yard

First of all, you'll want to clean up your yard. Not only will a clean and tidy yard look better on the
day of the party, but picking up lawn debris makes a safer environment for the kids, and cutting the
grass helps cut down on pests that might otherwise invade your yard on party day.

Ensure There are Ample Bathroom Facilities

You'll definitely want to make sure that you have enough bathrooms for everyone. If you want to
make sure you have ample bathrooms while keeping the kids from trekking in and out of your house,
consider renting portable toilets.

Make Final Arrangements for the Bounce House Rental

Having a bounce house at the party is a lot of fun. Make sure that you make any final arrangements
for this well before the day of the party to ensure that it's delivered and set up on time. You may also
need to secure a generator for your bounce house or any other inflatable activities.

Set Up the Seating and Decorations

Before the party, you'll want to set up the tables and chairs to make sure that there is plenty of
room for everyone to sit. If you don't have enough tables and chairs, you can rent them from a rental
company that supplies these things for weddings and events. You could also get creative and make
use of any indoor and outdoor furniture that you have, or you can ask your friends and neighbors if
they have any tables and chairs you can use. Along with making sure that you have enough seating
for the kids when it's time to eat, you'll also want to set up comfortable seating -- preferably in the
shade -- for any adults who are in attendance.

Once the seating is all set up, you can get started with the fun stuff: the decorations. Putting out
signs, streamers and other decorations ahead of time helps cut down on how much you have to do
when it's party time, but you don't want to do these things too far in advance either, or the decorations
might get dirty or might blow away. Save the balloons and helium for last, though, to ensure that the
balloons stay inflated throughout the party.

Get the Games and Activities Ready

You might have lots of exciting games and activities planned for party day. Before the big day, start
getting everything together. You don't want to find out on party day that you're missing any crucial
pieces or supplies.

Put Out Garbage Cans

Even though you might be mostly looking forward to the party, one thing that you might be dreading is
dealing with the clean-up. It doesn't have to be as much work as you might think, though. If you start
by gathering up and putting out plenty of trash cans in convenient and visible places all over the yard,
you can help ensure that all of the garbage ends up in the garbage can.

Make Sure You Have Enough Plates and Serving Necessities

You're going to need plates, cups, cutlery, and serveware for the food, drinks, and cake. Make sure
that you have everything gathered up beforehand. Even though it might not be the most eco-friendly
option, buying plenty of disposable plates and cutlery will make clean-up a whole lot easier for you.
Plus, you can buy disposable plates and other necessities in your child's favorite color or with a theme
that matches your little one's party to add to the decor on the big day even more.

Start Your Food Prep

Try to do as much prep work for the party food as you can. Some foods can be made ahead of time,
stored in the refrigerator and heated up just before it's served. Even taking small steps like cutting up
fruit or veggies for the fruit and veggie tray will give you that much less to do on the day of the party.

It's probably super important to you to make sure that your son or daughter's birthday party is a real
success. Proper planning and preparation can help with this, and it can also make things a lot less
stressful for you on the big day. Follow these preparation tips, and you can help ensure that the party
is a success for you and the kids.

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