5 Tips to Turn Your Child's Next Birthday Party Into One to Remember

So, your kid is getting bored of the same birthday places as always. Well, don't worry! Your child's next birthday party does not have to be a chore! In this article, we will outline 5 ways to turn your child's birthday party into one your family and friends will remember for years to come.

Know your kid

This may seem obvious, but most parents forget this step because they are trying to surprise their child. Talk to your kid and figure out what they're into nowadays. Sure, you know their favorite color is blue, but if they told you that a month ago, you can forget it. Depending on their age, it has most likely changed since then. Find out their favorite hero, or what they like to do for fun. You can even ask their teachers to keep an ear out for what they get the most excited talking about to their friends. Keep in mind, fads and trends can change quickly, and it never hurts to know what your child likes.

Get Creative

The best way to get creative with your party is to gather ideas from the motherboard of unique ideas- the internet. Find unique party ideas and grab inspiration from around the world. Let your inner creative out, or if you find yourself a little less than inspired, simple guides to create awesome decorations, checklists, food, games, and more!

Create a manageable guest list and stick to it

Start the guest list with close family and the kids that often spend the night or invite your child over. If you have more room according to your venue and party budget, invite classmates and associates. If you are a little computer savvy, an online guest list/email invite might work best, or you could make a guest list in excel


Make a schedule to keep your guests in order. A party with a bunch of kids running around may be fun for the child, but for you, it is absolute chaos. You need to have a clear plan, from making an entrance all the way to clearing the venue. Some services provide concessions, and can help when it comes to setup and breakdown of your party.

Decorate, Decorate, Decorate!

Set aside 2-4 hours before the party to peacefully decorate. Take your time and position decorations as you envisioned them. Contact a printing company, and they will be able to help you design vinyl banners for photos. From bsquared “With our wide array of format options and products, coupled with our talented creative design team,we stand ready to produce a display solution to fit your… need”. Most digital printing services are open 24 hours, so you can get a design sent, or even request they work on a banner that fits your theme, and have it back in time for your party. Decorations tend to be the most eye-catching part of any party, so make sure you have a unique and creative design.

Finally, enjoy the greatness that is your child's birthday party. Remember to let go and have fun. The most memorable part of a party is when everyone is enjoying themselves. Don't forget to take great pictures that will last for years to come.


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