Dunk Tank Rental Philadelphia- Fund Raising Ideas TLC Bounce

Fundraising involves a lot of organization and a lot of time. You want your supporters and sponsors to feel good about opening their wallets.  From their perspective, the event should just be an enjoyable time that allows them to give to a worthy cause.  A dunk tank is an easy addition to any fund-raising event.  Like no other activity, a dunk tank can save an event from being "too business related” and turn it into the high-spirited celebration that people don’t mind digging into their pockets for.

Renting a dunk tank is almost guaranteed to set the right mood for your event, and if you charge to play, you can easily turn it into a profitable investment!  We deliver the unit to your site, just add water!  Once your dunk tank is set up, you won’t have to do much.  People are familiar with the concept and will naturally line up to test their throwing skills.  You only need a couple people to help run it: one to collect money or tickets and another daring person to walk the plank!
dunk tank rental philadelphia

The most successful dunk tank stands take one of two approaches. One strategy is to put someone in the tank that everyone wants to dunk.  Often a boss or teacher, people will certainly pay for a shot at embarrassing any authority figure, especially in the name of a worthy cause.  The other strategy is to put the cleverest and quick-witted person you know in the hot seat.  This is fun because they can use their silver tongue to taunt people into participating. And there are never any hard feelings when everyone is working toward a common goal.  Of course, if you can combine these strategies you’ll do very well. 

Our moon bounce rentals in Philadelphia are always a hit to add onto your event!


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