Throw a Birthday Party Fit for Kings and Queens!

A Royal Theme party is a great idea for a child’s birthday party! Dress the birthday boy or girl in royal clothes, and decorate a special chair as a throne. For activities, put on a royal treasure hunt, play dunk the dragon (have someone dress up as a dragon in the dunk tank), and rent a Bouncy Castle fit for a king or queen.
A great activity to start the party off is making paper crowns. Having the kids make paper crowns can be a fun craft to keep them busy at the royal party while waiting for all the party guests to arrive. 

How to make a paper crown:

1.       Gather your materials:
·         White A4 or US Letter size card stock
·         Crayons, oil pastels, or any water-based paint (e.g. tempera, poster paint, acrylic paint)
·         Scissors
·         Glue
·         Stickers, jewels, special markers, glitter, and decals
2.       Choose from any of these printable crown templates from First Palette, and print out on white A4 or US Letter size card stock.
3.       Color or paint the crown, including the two long bands.  
4.       Cut out the template pieces.  
5.       Glue a template band on one edge of the crown. For smaller kids, the length of one band is enough for them to be able to wear the crown. Measure the crown around the head, if it fits, glue the end of the band on the opposite edge of the crown. For bigger kids, glue one template band on the left edge of the crown and the other band on the right edge of the crown.  
6.       Measure the crown around the head. The bands would definitely be a lot longer than needed. Trim the ends to achieve the right length.  
Glue the ends of the two bands together. Provide stickers, jewels, special markers, glitter, and decals to decorate their crowns even more!

Written By: Erica Lucas


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