10 Ways to Beat the Heat at Your Summer Party

Throwing a party this summer? With heat advisory after heat advisory, you’ll want to make your guests as comfortable as you can. Here are ten ways you can beat the heat:

1    1. Set up tables and chairs in the shade
2.       Keep bottled water on ice
3.       Serve Sno-Cones
4.       Be prepared for people to need to sit inside
5.       Rent our Lil Splash Water Slide or Dual Lane Water Slide
6.       Position the grill so the heat and smoke blow away from the party
7.       Set up fans in multiple locations
8.       Give kids water guns and balloons
9.       Put up umbrellas and awnings to provide extra shade
10.   Keep the menu light

Keeping the menu light during a summer party can help your guests beat the summer heat. Dish out fruit salad, like watermelon, grapes, strawberries, and oranges, in portable cups. Serve the cups from a tray of ice to keep the fruit cool.  You could also include light, cold appetizers for your guests like creamy coleslaw with walnuts and grapes, raspberry lime punch, bruschetta, and corn and avocado salsa.

Think cool – be cool. Help beat the heat with a beach theme! You could set up a sandbox, decorate the party with beachy items like drink umbrellas, sea shells, and children’s beach toys, display plants in beach buckets, use seersucker-patterned napkins, and serve goldfish with a shovel and kids bucket. For dessert, cut blue shark fins from construction paper and decorate blue-icing cupcakes, like in this recipe from Martha Stewart.

Hosting an outdoor summer party means you have to contend with the sun and the summer bugs. Be sure to have sunscreen and bug spray at the party so your guests are comfortable, and don’t leave with sunburns and bug bites.

Games! A fun summer party game for kids and adults is Giant Jenga (here’s a “how to” from Home Depot)! Paint the sides of 2x4s, and stack on a flat surface. Stack the game in the shade to beat the heat! Another fun summer party game for kids and adults is the Bean Bag Toss. For a larger party, set up two or three sets of Bean Bag Toss, and use a tournament bracket to make it competitive. Prizes could include travel misting fans and toy water guns (again, to beat the heat!).

Written By: Erica Lucas


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