Party For A Princess

Once upon a time there was a little girl who had the most splendid party in all the land… Make your daughter’s dreams come true by throwing her an amazing princess party! You bring the enthusiasm, we’ll provide the tips, and together we can plan the party your princess has always imagined!

First Things First
Before you can dive into planning this fantastic party, you’ll want to pick a theme. Although a princess party may seem pretty self-explanatory, there are still decisions to be made! Will this be a costume party? Or maybe centered around your daughter’s favorite princess? There are tons of options from which you could choose! Talk to your princess to find out which theme will work the best for her.

Your next step will be to set a date. Check your calendar and try to find a date that works for the birthday girl’s favorite people. If there are no conflicts on the birthday itself, you’ve got yourself a date! If not, try to pick a day as close to your daughter’s birthday as possible and make it an extended celebration (birthday week, anyone?).

Finding the Castle

Now that you’ve got a theme and date, it’s time to find a perfect venue for your party. A budget friendly option for location is to transform your home into the princess castle. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, start the search for a local birthday party venue that is large enough to accommodate all of your guests and free of commitments on your party date. Keep in mind your potential decorations when choosing your location to make sure set up will be as easy as possible.

The Royal Announcement
With the major details in place, you’re ready to announce the royal event by sending out invitations! These will get your guests excited about your theme even before the party begins. If crafting isn’t your thing, order custom invitations to kick it up a notch! Whatever your method, be sure to include the basic event info, including the date, time, and location. If you’ve decided on a costume party and would like the guests to arrive in their princess gowns, add this information to the invitation as well. Give it the royal touch by using language such as, “Princess Sofia invites you to attend her 6th birthday party” or “Join us in celebrating a royal affair…the birthday of Princess Sarah.” Send the invitations well in advance (around 3-4 weeks) to give your fellow parents time to RSVP between helping with homework and driving to soccer practice.

Decorating the Castle
Now for the real fun, decorating your princess castle! Make a list of supplies you’ll need and start shopping early to make sure you’re able to find everything you need. From balloons and streamers to piƱatas and tiaras, the decorations make the party. Talk to the birthday girl or take her shopping with you to find the perfect decor for your ideal princess atmosphere!

Entertaining Royals

Treat your guests like royalty with princess-themed activities! To really wow your guests, have your daughter’s favorite Princess attend the party. Set up a craft table for the princesses to make their very own tiaras. If your guests didn’t arrive in their own princess attire, having a dress up area with gowns and accessories is a great addition to the party! For the full princess transformation, have a royal makeover station complete with faux jewelry, makeup and, of course, glitter! To take the makeover to the next level, book a makeup artist or face painter to run the station. A favorite babysitter is another great option and probably a little more budget friendly!

If your location allows, bring in the big guns with a castle bouncy house, princess carriage rides, or a pony party company. You could also look for a local farm that hosts pony parties with carriages, as this will generally be a cheaper alternative. Whatever the activities, priceless memories will no doubt be made. Be sure to capture them with lots of pictures! If you’d rather not be on photo duty, book a photographer so that you can kick back and enjoy the fantastic party you’ve put together!

Dream Castle Bounce

Food Fit for a Princess
Use princess-themed cookie cutters to make tiara-shaped finger sandwiches or magic wand-shaped cookies. Stick to princess pink with strawberry ice-cream sundaes and pink frosted cupcakes topped with fairy dust (better known to mom as sugar sprinkles). For the birthday cake, consider having a custom cake or cupcakes personalized for your princess! As a final touch, add princess plates, cups, and napkins to go along with the royal menu and truly make your table fit for a princess!

Party Favors
Send your guests home with princess-themed goodie bags to remind them of your amazing party! Fill them with everything a princess could need, from tiaras and wands to a makeup or jewelry sets. Bring the birthday girl in on the favor fun and have her pick out all the treats she’d love to receive at a party.


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