Safety First With Moon Bounces

Safety comes first because no one has fun when they are unsafe.  How often do we think of safety when it comes to a birthday party bounce house?  Unfortunately it is not thought of very often, after all who wants to think about something bad that could happen when you are planning a fun outing.  It is understandable that you as the party planner, generator of fun and happiness will not have this at the forefront of your mind.  You might think, hey the inflatable business you are using has to be safe, they are in business.  Think again.  Not all moon bounce businesses are created equal and provide safe parties.  Just like other lines of business, prices can be low because corners are being cut.  Are their prices lower than everyone else because they are not paying for insurance?  Are their prices lower because the save time at set up by not properly tying down the unit or thoroughly explaining safety measures you must take?  Don’t get me wrong, few thinks can add life, excitement and joy to your party like a properly installed moon bounce by a qualified business.  But you need to be a wise consumer and ask the following questions when considering a moon bounce rental for your next event.

Can you verify proof of insurance?

Will the moon bounce be tied down when it is set up?

Do your employees have proper safety training?

Will someone walk us through safety measures at time of install?

Moon Bounce Rental Philadelphia


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